1. A group or collection of different items; a mixture.
‘‘A miscellany of rooms’’

Brought to you by Award-Winning Design Studio Run For The Hills

Super Speedy

Miscellany will offer styling ideas and bite-sized interior design consultancy at welcomingly affordable rates.

Short Cut

This new design service has been launched to bring the studio’s creative expertise to a wider audience during these challenging times.

The Aim

To sprinkle a simplified and condensed double shot of Run For The Hills' magic into your project, helping you achieve high-style looks at a wallet friendly price.

Super Easy

The new service will be digital, offering quick turnaround creative solutions, working with your budget and busy lifestyle.

From Home

Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home and your project will be handled by a dedicated interior designer.

Co-Founder of Run For The Hills, Anna Burles says:

‘‘MISCELLANY will zoom in on just the bits you need and none of the bits you don’t need. Our mission is to give you a stylish and successful solution even when budgets are a little tight.’’

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Design Lite

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From the award winning Run For The Hills

An award winning London studio, designing highly original and exciting residential and commercial interiors around the world, founded with the creative coming together of the established studio practices of interior designer Anna Burles and Graphic Designer Christopher Trotman, forming a multi-disciplinary design house. Miscellany carries all the heritage of the same Run For The Hills Team, at bite size prices.