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Home Grown


They say home is where the heart is. And this quintessentially British lnsta-Look, creates a haven you won’t ever want to leave. Classic and contemporary at the same time. Aged woods and rustic details with tailored, luxe velvets, brushed cottons and tactile linens. Soft, timeless, inviting. And good for the soul. A look which isn't just for countryside homes, it's increasingly a look we get asked for in city dwellings who want to rock the rustic-cottage-core vibe.

What you get

1. Concept Mood Board

2. Get The Look Tips

3. Room-set visual (Bedroom)

4. Room-set visual (Dining Room)

5. Room-set visual (Living Room)

6. Curated Shopping List*

*Not shown, but available on download

£ 250 
Dining Room
Living Room
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Add Bolt-Ons

Buy an Insta-Look for your ready-to-go styling and ready-to-buy shopping lists. But feel free to bolt on some extra design consultancy to personalise your plans. You might want to add an electrical or lighting spec for your builder, or help selecting paint colours and putting together a specification for your Decorator. Use the Design Lite fee calculator to work out the possible consultancy fees, and book an initial consultation.

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